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How to Add About Us Page in Shopify With Examples

“About us” is important for you to show your visitors what you offer, what your business purpose is, your brand story, and exactly what you offer.

In our guide, we’ll tell you what you need how to add about us page in Shopify, how to create it, and provide you some examples.

What to Include?

Here’s how to create and write an effective About Us page in Shopify:

  • Your brand story and founding – Share your origin story and reasons for starting the business. Customers love learning about the backstory of a brand.
  • Your mission and values – Communicate your driving mission and core values. This helps customers connect with the vision behind your brand.
  • Your team – Introduce the key members of your team. Putting faces to your company fosters trust.
  • Your brand voice – Let your brand personality shine through in the copy and images you choose. The tone should be consistent with your overall brand voice.
  • Your offerings – Give a high-level overview of your products, services or areas of expertise. Share what makes you unique.
  • Customer testimonials – Include social proof through customer reviews and testimonials. This builds credibility.
  • Contact info – Provide phone, email, contact form or social media links so customers can get in touch.

How to Add an About Us Page in Shopify

Shopify makes it easy to create and customize an About Us page right in your online store admin. Here are two ways to add an About Us page in Shopify:

Using the Native Shopify Page Builder

Shopify has a simple drag-and-drop page builder you can use to create your About Us page:

  1. Go to Online Store > Pages in your Shopify admin. Click on Add Page.
  2. Enter a page title like “About Us” and choose a template. The “Page” template works well for About Us pages.
  3. Click on Add Page. Your new page will open in the page builder.
  4. Drag and drop Sections on the left to add text, images and other elements.
  5. Use the right sidebar to customize each element. Add your text, upload images, adjust colors and fonts.
  6. Click Save and view the live page. You can tweak the design further.
  7. When you’re done, click Publish to make the page live on your storefront.
YouTube video
How to create about us page by Shopify

Note: With the Shopify builder, you can create a polished About Us page without any design expertise. But you are limited to Shopify’s section types and templates. Let’s look at how page builder apps provide more customization options.

Using a Page Builder App

Page builder apps for Shopify let you create About Us pages with greater design flexibility. They provide advanced layouts, elements, and editing tools. Popular choices include:

  • Shopify Sections – Free built-in app with pre-made sections
  • PageFly – Drag-and-drop builder with 500+ templates
  • Shogun – Landing page builder with premium design
  • Zipify Pages – Visual editor with custom elements

How to Create About Us Page Using Page Builder?

YouTube video
Creating about us page using Pagefly

Here is the general process for using a page builder app to create your About Us page:

  1. Install a page builder app like PageFly or Shogun and select an About Us template.
  2. Customize the template by adding your own text, images, logos and adjusting the design.
  3. Publish the finished page to your Shopify theme and preview the live page.
More design flexibility beyond Shopify sectionsCan slow down page speed if bloated
Pre-made page templates to start withExtra cost for premium apps
Drag-and-drop editing interfacePotential learning curve
Hundreds of text, image, button elementsToo many options can overwhelm
Advanced styling and typography controlsMay still need CSS customization
Shopify integration to publish pagesMulti-page editors are complex
Lots of template blocks for key sectionsHard to move to a new app later
Better handling of images and videosSome apps lack comprehensive features
Grid systems for consistent alignmentDependent on app for ongoing updates
Access to fonts, color palettes, iconsCan cause issues when app subscription lapses
No need to code means faster setupRisk of overstuffed pages hurting UX
Pros and Cons Shopify page builder

Things to Look for in a Shopify Page Builder

If you choose to use an app, here are key features to look for when selecting a Shopify page builder for your About Us page:

  • Page templates
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Design elements
  • Image handling
  • Typography controls
  • Support 

I have noticed that, before launching Shopify 2.0, I used Pagefly and Shogun page builder. There is drop and drag design but when you go to advanced page design, you should know some padding, margin, or some simple coding knowledge. After Shopify 2.0 themes were launched, there was already drag and drop page builder in all Shopify themes 2.0, So better to use Shopify 2.0 themes, instead of Page builder apps.

How to Add Images & Customize Your Shopify About Us Page

  • With Shopify’s page builder, drag Image sections onto your page and upload your photos.
  • In a page builder app, use their image elements. Upload your photos or browse app image libraries.

Tips for About Us images:

  • Show your team, store, products, and graphics.
  • Align visuals with your brand style.
  • Optimize file size and dimensions for web.
  • Add alt text for accessibility.
  • Adjust size, position, and styling as needed.

Great images help tell your story and make connections. Take time to select visuals that represent your brand well and What your photo says about your business on your About Us page.

Shopify About Us Page Templates & Examples

Here are some Shopify About Us page examples and templates.

Abut us Demo Page Tutorials

YouTube video
About us Demo video

Putting It All Together

The About Us page tells your brand story. Share your history, mission and values. Add photos of products, team, store. Use Shopify’s builder or a page app for design flexibility. Craft engaging content that connects with customers and builds trust. A well-done About Us converts visitors into loyal fans.

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