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The Top Barcode Apps for Shopify in 2024

Barcodes are essential for retail businesses to track inventory, fulfill orders, product information and pricing. For Shopify stores, barcode apps integrate with your eCommerce platform to generate barcodes for your product, print labels, and scan products.

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right barcode app for your Shopify store’s needs and budget.

I will find out the top-rated barcode apps available in 2024 based on ease of use, features, and pricing.

Overview of the Top Barcode Apps

AppEase of UseRatingPrice
EasyScanVery easy5.0$9.99/month
iPackyEasy5.0Free – $19.99/month
Price Embedded Barcode ScannerEasy5.0$25/month
StockSavvy Barcode ScanningEasy4.9$9/month
Yanet: Retail Barcode LabelsVery easy4.8Free – $69.99/month
Multi Label BarcodesEasy4.6$9.99/month
Overview of the Top Barcode Apps


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With a perfect 5-star rating, EasyScan is one of the easiest and most full-featured barcode apps for Shopify. It lets you create and scan barcodes, print labels, manage inventory across locations, and pick/pack orders error-free.

Key Features

  • Built-in barcode scanner
  • Assign barcodes and SKUs
  • Print labels and packing slips
  • Fulfill orders by scanning
  • Inventory management and transfers
  • Customizable reports
  • Compatible with all devices and scanners

EasyScan has plans to fit every business, from basic barcode generation to advanced warehouse management. It’s easy to set up in minutes and friendly support is available to solve any issues. The app is versatile for use in physical retail stores or eCommerce order fulfillment.


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iPacky takes barcode scanning to the next level for streamlined order fulfillment. Scan barcodes on any mobile device or computer to pick, pack, and ship orders perfectly.

Key Features

  • Barcode order checking on any device
  • Optimized bin locations for fast picking
  • Bundles/kits support
  • Customizable fulfillment workflow
  • Packing reports and analytics
  • Shipping integrations
  • Free starter plan available

With iPacky, you can reduce costly packing errors and speed up order processing. It provides detailed insights into your fulfillment efficiency. The app works seamlessly with printers, scanners, and other hardware for a complete solution.

Price Embedded Barcode Scanner

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Specialized for retail businesses that sell products by weight, Price Embedded Barcode Scanner by Filljoy allows quick scanning of variable weight barcodes. It automatically adds the weight and price to your Shopify POS checkout.

Key Features

  • Scan price and weight embedded barcodes
  • Supports UPC-A and EAN-13 formats
  • Compatible with Socket bluetooth scanners
  • Automatically inserts weight and price into POS
  • Ideal for butcher shops, delis, fish markets, etc.

For cheese shops, spice merchants, butchers, and other similar businesses, this app eliminates tedious manual order entry. It’s easy to set up and use for frictionless checkout.

StockSavvy Barcode Scanning

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StockSavvy provides robust barcode scanning for inventory management along with purchase order capabilities. It’s easy to scan and update inventory counts in bulk to maintain accuracy.

Key Features

  • Scan and update inventory quantities
  • Purchase order generation
  • Low stock notifications
  • Detailed inventory analytics
  • Barcode label printing
  • Works with all barcode scanners

Keep on top of your inventory levels and costs with StockSavvy. The app makes it simple to do cycle counts, transfers and reorders as needed. It works for both single and multi-location businesses.

Yanet: Retail Barcode Labels

Yanet: Retail Barcode Labels

For designing and printing great-looking product barcode labels, Yanet is a top choice. The app makes professional label creation easy with custom templates and bulk printing.

Key Features

  • Design fully customizable labels
  • Generate and assign barcodes
  • Print labels in bulk
  • Supports multiple barcode formats
  • Label sizes for any printer
  • Free and paid plans

Whether you need basic barcode labels or want completely customized designs, Yanet provides an intuitive label maker app right within Shopify. Print labels effortlessly in just a few clicks.

Multi Label Barcodes

Multi‑Label Barcodes

Multi Label Barcodes by Cashew Tree Software provides product and order label printing along with bulk barcode creation. This makes it easy to improve marketing, inventory management, and order fulfillment.

Key Features

  • Print custom product labels
  • Assign barcodes and SKUs in bulk
  • Print address and order labels
  • Works with all major label printers
  • Supports all barcode formats
  • Fully customizable label layout

For everything from creating barcodes to fulfilling orders, Multi Label Barcodes is an affordable and versatile app for your business.

Which Barcode App is Right for You?

With Shopify’s barcode apps, you can choose the capabilities that best suit your business needs and budget. Apps like EasyScan and iPacky provide end-to-end barcode solutions for retail and order fulfillment. Others like Yanet focus specifically on label design and printing.

Evaluate your current processes to determine if you need barcode generation, customized label printing, inventory management, or order handling. Read reviews and take advantage of free trials to find the perfect barcode app for your Shopify store.

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