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Do I Need an SSL Certificate if I Use Shopify?

Shopify is a popular online store builder. It lets you easily create an eCommerce website. One common question is – do I need to buy an SSL certificate for my Shopify store? No, you don’t have to purchase an SSL certificate for a Shopify store. Shopify provides free SSL certificates for all stores.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It creates an encrypted link between your website and visitors’ browsers.

SSL does two main things:

  1. Encrypts data like credit cards and passwords. This stops hackers from stealing sensitive information.
  2. Activates HTTPS and the padlock icon. This shows visitors that your site is secure.

An SSL certificate is important for any online store to keep customer data safe.

Shopify Provides Free SSL

All Shopify stores come with a free SSL certificate. This certificate encrypts data and turns on HTTPS by default. No extra steps are needed. Shopify’s shared SSL protects the store domain ( It also secures all pages and the checkout. Customer information is encrypted with 256-bit security. This is the industry standard for e-commerce stores.

What Shopify Says About Free SSL

Shopify has clearly stated that their SSL certificate is included for free. Custom domains get SSL automatically as well.

Custom Domains Get SSL Too

If you connect your own domain like, this domain also gets SSL automatically. Shopify creates the SSL certificate for your custom domain at no cost. Your custom domain will have HTTPS and the padlock icon just like the default Shopify domain. Simply connecting your domain is all you need to do. Shopify handles the SSL in the background.

Benefits of SSL on Shopify

There are good reasons to use SSL on a Shopify store:

  • Encrypts customer data like credit cards to prevent hacking
  • Provides trust signs like the padlock icon for visitors
  • Satisfies payment provider security requirements
  • Boosts search engine rankings on Google

What Shopify Says (Free or It Will Cost price?)

Shopify has clearly mentioned that Shopify SSL is free.

shopify ssl free or not

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