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How to Move Products from WooCommerce to Shopify with (Free Plugin)

Are you looking to transfer your WordPress product to Shopify? Then, you are in right place.

In this article, you will learn how to transfer your products from WooCommerce to Shopify using a free plugin. The process is cost-effective and straightforward, allowing you to efficiently manage your e-commerce store migration.

Consideration before Migrate:

  • Back-Up Your WP Site: Always a good idea to prevent data loss. Use free tool like “All in one migration.
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Setting Up the Migration Process

A Complete Video Guide

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To begin, you will need to install and activate the “W2S Migrate WooCommerce to Shopify” plugin by Willaim from the WooCommerce search panel. This plugin is the key to transferring your products seamlessly between platforms.

Obtaining Required Details

After activating the plugin, you will be prompted to provide essential details such as your store address, API key, and API access token. These details are crucial for establishing a connection between your WooCommerce and Shopify stores.

Store Address

You can find your Shopify store address within the settings section of your Shopify admin panel. Simply copy the store address that starts with ‘’ and paste it into the plugin.

API Key and Access Token

To obtain the API key and access token, navigate to your Shopify admin panel, access the ‘Apps’ section, and create a new app. Configure the app settings to enable product access, generate the API key, and reveal the access token. Copy these details into the plugin to establish the connection.

Initiating the Product Import

Once you have entered the necessary details, save the settings and proceed to import your products from WooCommerce to Shopify. The plugin will start transferring your products, skipping any duplicates or previously imported items.

Reviewing the Imported Products

After the import process is complete, navigate to your Shopify dashboard to verify that the products have been successfully transferred. Check the product details, pricing, images, and descriptions to ensure a seamless migration.

Enhancing Product Descriptions

You may notice formatting discrepancies in the imported product descriptions. To rectify this, you can utilize tools like Chad GPT or Google Docs to refine the descriptions and ensure they are presented effectively on your Shopify store.


By following these steps, you can efficiently move your products from WooCommerce to Shopify using the W2S Migrate plugin. Enhancing your e-commerce store’s functionality and user experience. Thanks for reading the article.

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